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In France too the government is going to become anti motorist. It's not so bad as in the United Kingdom (you're not lucky !) but it's not funny at all. In Paris where I love to drive, there are more and more traffic jam (I hate !) because of the bigger busses lanes.
But this politic is "in trouble" because of our famous "Latin" behaviour ! But if you are caught by the cops, you can have a big fine if you don't know other cops who can cancel your fine !!

And we're sometimes "dreaming" : a politic who instored a severe law against "big speed overpass" were drinving at an average speed of 105mph on the highway between Paris and Lyon... It's not too much, but you drive at 85mph on the highway when you write a so stupid law !
But it was not this minister, it was his chauffeur ! mmhhh... they take us for stupid people (and we are sometimes) !

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