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I was kicking myself in the balls as I talked to the guys at stillen.....all they have is INTAKE for my car which SUCKKKZ....anyhow I am getting rims and will just follow up with engine mods. Reason I dont have rims is because I am afraid of my dad cutting off my ball sack for buying them......

I was racing a GSR today and I dont know what I did....
I went from second to first (I think) and could hear the wheels screech and hop when I let go fo the clutch. I took my foot of the gas and slammed in the clutch....I dont think my car chirps into third like at all....

Now when driving and like if I have it in 2-5th gear it just kind of makes a squeal when i am doing 40 and I just push the gas and let go, it makes a little whistle noise..... WHAT DID I DO TO MY CAR

I am probably gonna take it into nissan and be like what happened.....i dont race (leave the racing part out though)
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