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Re: Re: more stupid questions!

Originally Posted by sracing
All other things being equal hp DOES determine top speed.
IE. If the cars are drag equivelant (rolling and aero) the car with the greatest HP can go the fastest. (assuming final gearing is correct) Both cars will accelerate until all possible work energy is used. Please note that drag is not linear. eg. To double your speed takes 4 times the energy.

SR Racing
True, but the only reason the one car has more hp is because it either has more torque, or the torque comes later in the RPM band. It either makes more overall torque, or the torque it does make has more inertia behind it... which is basically what hp is; torque over a period of time.

HP comes from torque, so in order to get more HP, you have to either have more torque, or make the torque peak higher in the RPMs so that it generates more HP. Without torque in a rotational engine, there is no such thing as HP.
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