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Unhappy Revell Cooper...

Well, I was talking to my sister one day, and we got on the subject of car modeling. She thinks it's a really great hobby, and suggested that we build a mini cooper model, while I coach her. (she's a big fan of the new mini's)

So I mosied on down to my hobby shop where I had seen a mini in the past, and I asked the guy; "what, no mini?" and he said "Revell just dicontinued them, I was trying to order them yesterday." He said, and I agree, that it doesn't make much sense to ditch the model, just 2 years in the making, especially when it's a popular car.

Anyway, that brings me to two questions. 1: Do you think revell will make another, maybe a Mini Cooper S? 2: Is there any other company that makes the new mini's?

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