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Re: engine swap

Originally posted by leeroy300
was wondering if anyone has tried to swap from a 3.3 liter to a 3.5 liter and still had everything work like the A/C and Cruise Control ??:help:
Dude! I have been wondering this myself! I've been looking at Frontiers as a winter automobile and they seem nice, but I think I would want the 4 valves per cylinder in the VQ35DE compared to the 2 in the VG33DE... That really bothers me, plus I believe gas mileage would improve SIGNIFICANTLY with the DOHC 4 valves/cyl. Just look at the Pathfinder's EPA gas mileage and compare it to the Frontier's V6 gas mileage, and think of how much better the VQ would be in a Frontier!

Anyway, chances are, if you don't know the answer to that question, you probably wouldn't be able to do the swap yourself anyway. You can pay money to get anything to work properly and how you want. The only problem with this is the more you ask for the more cash it will be.

If you ever do this, or find someone that did, please and post pictures!
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