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Re: Will not start (sort-of randomly)

Originally Posted by caffeineaholic View Post
Thanks guys. I do try putting the pedal all the way down to clear possible flooding (after trying to start normally with a half-pump of the pedal, then a full pump or so). But that doesn't make a difference unfortunately... Perhaps it could be a choke problem; I'm not sure. Could it be getting too much air? The choke actually opens on its own a bit because it gets so extremely hot here that the ambient heat starts to make the choke start opening...

I will try replacing the ignition module. The alternator can be replaced in the future when I have $$ but I always disconnect the battery so there is no drain on it overnight.

Do I need a new cap and rotor? I still don't understand why it works and doesn't work in the way I described...
you have an electric choke stove/spring. these when aging as most springs when aging loose the therefore you when engine cold take air cleaner cover off give gas pedal a hit to the floor boards and check the the choke plate is fully closed..If not see if its dirty/sticking if not get a new choke assy....the chevy q jet choke stoves fail often. the olds 307 engine also used in this age group use exhaust flow to heat up the choke this is more reliable ...

ignition modules are sensitive to arcing and excessive heat ..usually they slowly fail with very random missfires ..then hard starting ..very intermittent..
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