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Testing Throttle Position Sensor

Could anybody let me know if I'm diagnosing a bad TPS properly.

Engine off, ignition off.

Remove TPS connector from TPS.

Place one lead of Multimeter (set on 20 Ohms) in center terminal of TPS and the other lead in one of the two outside terminals.

Ohms should be roughly 1.2 when throttle is closed.
As throttle is opened Ohms rise consistently to approx 5.3.
Release the throttle and it decreases back to 1.2.

Do the same thing except put the second lead in the other outside terminal, and the results should be the same.

Is that the correct procedure?

On mine, one side works fine...the other side has an Ohm reading that jumps all over the place, mainly between 10 and 20 Ohms. Occasionally it will hover around 15 Ohms and when the throttle is opened is DECREASES to about 10 Ohms.

Is the right? Does one terminal act differently than the other?

Thanks in advance.
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