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Re: Bye Bye Camry. bye bye! Bonvoyage

Exactly JJ,
I am on day 2 of the old Toyota Truck and love it. I was looking over the spark wires, fuel pump. Its a real treat LOL to see those things. I really did like the camry and it did run good for 2 years, then the problems started. I could see no end to calling the tow truck and shop repair bills. As I was planning a trip to town, I was at the same time thinking Am I going to get there OK. Always armed with my cell phone and practically no place to take the car to anyway without getting a severe Shafting. I simply cannot afford an EFI engine in any car or truck I have.
Some people swear by them but when you are limited in your knowledge as I am with these engines, I think I am much better off avoiding them. BTW, my dash lights dont work in the 1986 truck. Well I found the switch under the dash in about 2 minutes. Pulled it off and there it is. I need a switch. They will probably want $5 for that at the autowrecker! I love It! And the nice thing about it is that this switch is not going to affect the vehicles timing, headlights, every electronic curcuit in there and certainly not my computer because I have that right here in my bedroom office!!!!
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