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Re: Question about an Engine swap

Originally Posted by iVteC_bOi
hey wazup everyone..well i was wondering if i dropped a ITR engine or a civic typeR in to my 88 civic am i going to smog my car when its time to do so?? thats my big concered right now about doing the swap...and will the engine just fit right in or will i need to do some modification in order to make it fit?? thanks pplz
why would you want to spend so much money on a itr or ctr, when you could just get a gsr,ls, or b16 for cheaper and with the left over money make it quicker. as for smog its tough to say. my brother had some smog trouble with his ls swap so im not quite sure on that. as for fitting, it will not fit right in, without motor mounts, etc. just search, its been talked about a million times.
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