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Re: 2006 Monte Carlo

They aren't surviving on loyalty cash back, and obviously you have no idea about GM products what so ever when you're spouting about all the SUVs and trucks being beaten by toyota, nissan, mercedes(wtf the only SUVs they make are the biggest jokes around, same thing with BMW). The 5 cylinder gets better gas mileage and similiar torque and HP ratings of competitors V6 engines. Their SUVs and Trucks have better engines (higher torque ratings, higher HP ratings), the engines are some of the most highly respected in the industry, and the tundra and tacoma, and titan missed on all those points, and as I said before, if you think the tacoma and tundras interiors are more comfortable and nicer than a Ford or GMs interior you have a screw loose, same thing with their SUVs. They are smaller, less powerful, more expensive in some cases than comparable Ford or GM models, and to top it off they get worse gas mileage. Nope rebates and patriotism don't play as big of a part as you think, when you compare these vehicles side by side it's a fact you are getting more buying a Ford or GM than you are buying a toyota, nissan (missed it's sales mark but a wide margin), or those other jokes from BMW or Mercedes (while we're here, the SRX is considered the bench mark for all other luxury crossovers to follow, not those BMW and Mercedes ones).

Nice try, go back to loving your gas sippng Camry ricer, and praying for the environment. Oh and research the upcoming GMT900 trucks and SUVs. Toyota is playing catchup trying to design competitors to 1995 GM trucks and SUVs and GMs moving ahead even more. toyota tundra texas edition, what a joke.
Now you're being an asshole. My Camry is a ricer car? It was built in Kentucky, you dumbass. I wouldn't call it a gas sipper either, it only gets around 20 miles per gallon in the city; yes, it has a V6 in there. And I'm not an environmentalist by any means, hell, I'm not even sticking up for them, I'm just pointing out the obvious facts. I don't pray for the environment; in fact, I don't pray for jack shit period. So you can take your extremist stereotypes about me and shove them.

Bottom line: I don't like most of GM's current product. I don't think they're making very many good cars, trucks, and SUVs, and judging by how much money they lose each year on their vehicles, I'd say that I'm more right than you are.

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