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So, there is sap all over my car from parking under a tree. Thing is that this didn't happen last night, it's been over a year (maybe two?) that I've been letting the sap sprinkle my car with tree vomit. I don't know how to explain to you why I did this, I just didn't know how to clean it and thought maybe it would go away on its own. Silly silly.

So finally today I googled it and it looks like there are ways to get it off, but all sites warn that if the sap has been on the car for a prolonged period it could damage the paint.

So I'm wondering, what is my next step? Do I attempt one of the recommended treatments and hope for the best? What if it does remove the paint? Is there any option other than getting the car completely repainted?

Please be kind as I have not posted here before and I can admit to you my extreme stupidity.


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