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Originally posted by Thunda Downunda
Approximately 472 Duesenberg Model J chassis were produced between 1929 and 1935.
Engine supplier Lycoming built exactly 481 of the magnificent DOHC 32-valve 420 CID straight-eight engines (some supercharged) that powered these glorious machines.
They were by a wide margin the most powerful automobiles of their day.

Many experts believe the Duesenberg Model J was not merely the finest car of its age, but of ANY age
the deusenburgs were built in Auburn indiana(i live aobut 1 mile away from the factory). ever hear of the Auburn, Cord, and Dusenburg factory? then there is the Kruse auction park, the worlds biggest car auction there, they deal with classic cars(mastly the aurburn cords and the dusenburgs
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