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Re: ecu

If you want to hook up a laptop and tweak settings and such, you will most likely have to run a standalone computer. OBDI ECU's are typically hardwired, and the only thing you can do with them is to make lights blink in code for diagnostics. TO run a standalone, you first have to buy one (about $1000 and up) and hook it up to your car. They come with an assortment of sensors (IAT, AFM, ECT, CAS, A/F ratio, EGT, O2 sensors) that you install into your car (or replace the stock ones with) and then run them to the standalone computer, which you can then hook up to a laptop and mess with settings. This is not terribly easy to do, and you have to know what you're doing to program the ecu just to make the car run period, nevermind tuning for performance. But if you're willing to tackle this then you might want to look into haltech, microtech, wolf3d standalones off the top of ym head.
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