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Re: Renault 19 Starting Problems

Originally Posted by Aquaholic
Hi all.

Newbie here. I've got a 93 RT(Anyone know what RT, RN etc means) Turbo Diesel and It also has been a bitch to start. If it doesn't start immediately, I know it probably isn't going to start for ages. I've had the glow plugs done and ruled out the battery. Could there be a tiny air leak that's allowing the fuel to drain back over a period of time? It sometimes catches and then dies, as if it's used whatever fuel was in the pump and there's none left.


try checking if the ground cables are ok somtimtimes it hapends that the conection is bad and if the mass isnt good the engine can stall
the dealer schould be able to find wats wrong by plugging the car on to the computer
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