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Re: 98 lumina LTZ 3.8 smoke out the exhaust

Thank's for the get back, Blue Bowtie, With all the view's on this post i was worried no one had any comment's on this.
I've only ran 2 10W30 Full synthetic oil changes through it sence i bought the car. I don't know the previous oil type used.
On another note on the valve stem seals, it appear's there 2 different types of seals for intake and 2 different types for exhaust listed, 4 total. Now NAPA was the only place locally that had the Fel-pro P/N SS72144 valve stem seal's. When i picked them up, The label said intake. I called Federal Mogal and they said the seal's fit exhaust and intake. I plan on working the front bank this weekend and start there first.
You say mabey the ring's are sludged up, I've read alot on this oil usage and some have talked about running Rislone in the motor. I'm not a big user of snake oil product's to try and help the problem, But what's your thought's on the Rislone?
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