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Re: 2014 Sienna Starter Issue (Video)?

Originally Posted by Brian R. View Post
First thing to do is make sure all your high amp connections to the starter and from the battery are clean and tight, including the ground connection. Make sure the battery cable is not corroded under the insulation by the battery. However.....

It sounds to me like you have bad solenoid contacts or bad starter motor. I would bet it's the starter motor, but it may be the contacts.

Replacing the solenoid contacts is an easy and cheap job, but you have to remove the starter and disassemble the solenoid to access them. If you want to try, give the local Toyota parts counter guy your VIN and get the part numbers for the two sets of contacts so you know that you will get the correct parts if you don't buy them from Toyota. Normally, bad solenoid contacts make a single click when you try and start the engine, but you may be getting a different symptom.

The more expensive but more likely solution is to get a good quality rebuilt starter from NAPA or somewhere which sells good quality rebuilds. Replacing the starter will solve your problem, if it is indeed the starter, and you can avoid removing the starter twice if the contact replacement doesn't fix it and also not pay for the contacts.

See information in the following post:

Thanks for the response. The battery tested out fine. I'm going to see about checking the solenoid.

I should note that the voltage regulator showed as BAD when running the battery test. Could that be the cause of this?

Another very odd thing. I drove it the rain today and after parking and leaving my car for a couple hours it started right up like you would expect. I don't know if it is just coincidence, but we have had the starter problem every time for days recently... This could be a leap, but my only thought is that perhaps if it is a bad connection some water got in and "helped" it?

I'm going to see if it has trouble starting after drying out in the garage.
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