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Re: Hawkeye Auto: Marion, Ia

Hawkeye auto is a joke
first car i looked at, an 03 ford taurus, started but ran rough, as it ran it dumped oil all over the parking lot. needless to say i did not even test drive this
looked at a buick park avenue next a 99 i believe, this vehicle's battery was so dead the keyless entry did not work, no lights came on including dome light, also didnt test drive this of course.
finally found a 03 buick lesabre that started and seemed to run well. it had many dents, had been hit in the back bumper, the rear passenger side window was down and would not stay up. who knows how many times it had been rained in. from the looks of many of their cars with flat tires, and similar issues it was pretty clear they dont do much with these cars. certainly dont wash them, or make any repairs of any kind.
i did test drive the 03 buick with a sticker price of 2995$. cut my finger on the custom glued passenger side air bag, perhaps one of the few small 'cosmetic repairs' they made. gave them a list of all the problems with the car, pointing out the window which would need repaired right away. lowest they would go was 2800, refusing a cash offer of 2500 on the spot.
I dont know if all their cars are junk, but all the ones i looked at were. i thanked the salesman for his time and went and bought a car elsewhere
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