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Re: Re: 2006 Monte Carlo

Originally Posted by clawhammer
After reading all of what was mentioned above, I have to chime in.

Look at how bad GM is doing. This employee discount hurt them a LOT in the long-run.

GM is not giving its customers what they want. A lot of people realized that in order to drive back and forth between work and home, they don't need a 300+ hp SUV that gets 10 mpg. An Accord, or even a Civic will do just fine for them. Plus they run forever.

Ford has made a good product that 1% of the population needs (F250, F350 pickup trucks) and they try to sell it to the rest of the population. Honda and Toyota made pickup trucks that are far better for the average person and they're far more economical. In a pickup truck comparison, Car and Driver picked the Ridgeline for 1st place. Here's what MotorTrend says about it "To prove just how serious the Ridgeline is about competing in the pickup-truck business, we hooked one up to a 5000-pound trailer and drag-raced an equally equipped Ford F-150 with an optional 5.4-liter V-8. The Ridgeline's lack of displacement and two cylinders put it at a distinct disadvantage, but the race was close, and the Honda was barking at the Ford's heels the entire time. We didn't expect it to beat the Ford, but we were surprised at how close it was."

Sorry bro but the F-150 is way better built than the Ridgeline, and the Tundra. If however you're saying the Ridgeline is better why include the Toyota as better for the consumer as the Tundra is nothing more than a conventional truck as apposed to the Ridgeline which is an entirely new approach to trucks. My fear now is that Ford, GM, Dodge, even Toyota, and Nissan will think "Hey we can make a gay truck that sells too." By the way wasn't this thread about the Monte Carlo a car that most no one on this board seems to want to buy?

P.S. I agree with you that GM is making cars no one wants.
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