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95 or 96 engine???

I have a 1995 Windstar 3.8L with 142,000+ miles. When my Dad purchased the van 2 years ago in Georgia, the guy said it had a 1996 engine. I was reading the Haynes book (1995 through 2001) today. I was trying to find out what the air filter looked like so I could buy one and change it myself.

The book states and I quote, "To remove the air filter on 1999 and later 3.0L ingines and 1996 3.8L engines, release the clamp that secures the two halves of the air cleaner housing together and remove the air filter element (see illustrations) Then the book states, "NOTE: The air cleaner housing on 1995 3.8L models is similar to the 1995 through 1998 3.0L except that the top cover is retained by bolts."

My van's engine has the rectangular box with the bolts. Is it safe to assume that the engine is a 1995 3.8L and not a 1996 3.8L? How do I find out for sure which one it is?
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