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Originally posted by SkylineGTS25t

...The fact that there most likely will be no Coupe form of it makes me sick, and on top of that its going to be an Infiniti...
The GT-R Concept is coming along to the production room just fine; and gearing for international sales, at that.

Originally posted by SkylineGTS25t
Maybe if they would have designed it to replace one of their other models(Maxima, Q45, anything else that is FWD that could use to be RWD for just once in its life) it wouldnt make me so bitter. But for them to try and pass it off as a Skyline and then totally piss on America and send it to us as an over-priced Infiniti, thats the brakes!(no pun intended)...
Let's clear up something here. I'm sure you all know this, but I want to make it a firm point: Nissan is separating the 'Skyline' and 'GT-R' placards. That's why the Skyline GT sedan is not what you expect it to be. The V35 Skyline is designed to compete with the Toyota Altezza, BMW 3-series, Jaguar X-type, and all those other smaller rear-wheel-drive sports sedans. The GT-R on the other hand is to be the sole grand tourer, not even retaining the name Skyline in any way or form. They are now two completely separate cars, so we can't compare the current Skylines with older Skylines.

Furthermore, Nissan can't replace their Cefiro/I35 front-wheel-drive sedans with the V35 Skyline GT sedan/G35 because there is still a competetive market for front-wheel-drivers with emphasis on the luxury end of the spectrum. Lexus still has their Windom/ES300 which still sells well, especially now with a complete make-over. Even Honda has their Saber/3.2TL mid-sized luxo in this section of the market. Let's face it, some like more pampering, some like more aggression. The people need both classes.

By the way, the Q45 has always been, and will always be rear-wheel drive.

Originally posted by SkylineGTS25t
...The 350Z(Funny, the 350Z is the only thing they will send us without changing the name...) probably wont run into a huge problem with its pricing(though I feel it probably will be high in price; probably $35-50,000) as it will probably do well in its price range.
Nope, can't leave the Z car out. It's still known as Fairlady Z in Japan. And they must change the name to 350Z. It's always been in alphanumerical form for decades; it would be foolish to change the form of the name, if they are attempting to "revive" a legend. And another thing, the 350Z will be priced near $29,000, NOT "$35-50,000". The whole point of the next Z is to make it a "back-to-basics" affordable GT, just as it was when it was first released as the 240Z.

Originally posted by SkylineGTS25t
...If you ask me, Nissan could do a little more to save their asses if they they are already that far into the sling. They could start by acually giving us something worth our time. Hell, if they came out with a new Silvia/240/180(and keep them all RWD, unlike their competitors who all sell FWD cars now...) variant here, and it was well equipped(with maybe an RB20DET for the Silvia, SR20DET for the 240 and of course the CA18DET for the 180) and priced well(no more than say the price of a WRX for the Silvia, and less for the 240, and even less for the 180), Id go put a down payment on one and drive it off the lot right now. Wow, I just created three new models in a spot that they would DOMINATE here if they priced the cars accordingly. Especially with the absence of the Camaro/Firebird, and the Mustang about to go GT more than muscle/pony car. Its only competition would be the WRX, the forthcoming Lancer EVO and a few other cars.
What? CA18DET? That 10 year old thing? Isn't it obvious why Nissan never gave the U.S. 240SX the original DET engines anyway? There's no torque! They figured the American consumers wouldn't 'get' what turbo cars are all about--especially during an era when rear-wheel-drive sports cars need big torquey engines. Just because you and I want cars like the Silvia, doesn't mean the mass majority will want them. Don't blame Nissan, blame the public for being ignorant and close minded about other types of technology.
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