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Originally posted by Whitebread
I'm with skylinegt. I want everything the Skyline R34 GT-R V-SPEC II has now except in left hand drive.
Funny you say that. It's impossible to make an R32-34 GT-R Vspec-II left hand-drive. Not only was it reasons like emissions, empty market, and such which deterred Nissan from sending the GT-Rs to the U.S., but it was impossible to use the current RB26DETT in left hand-drive configuration: the steering shaft would have to go right through the twin-turbos. A mirror image engine would be way too costly (and would be no good for us, since we want imported aftermarket parts as well).

You guys ask WAY too much from a failed japanese automaker who is currently owned 40% by Renault. I'm happy with the GT-R concept as of right now. I know they aren't going to keep the odd headlights lights for production, and even without the RB there is hope for plenty of power with the VQ35 under heavy development, and a possibility of turbochargers or maybe the Cima/Q's V-8. Parts-sharing is just a way to save money and cut costs; think, if Nissan goes broke, there will be no more Skylines or GT-Rs ever again. The next GT-R isn't everything you'd hoped that it would be, but it's better than nothing; actually much better than most expected Nissan could recover from their failing business (and you have to understand how close Nissan came to becoming 'nothing').

From the way things are forming at the house of Infiniti I have to comment further on the G35/Skyline GT. It's a great car. I'd rather have one than an IS300/Altezza, or even a 325 saloon bimmer for that matter. All great cars, but that's just my preference. Anyways, enough about the GT-R, what do you guys think of THIS car?
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