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As far as the newer vehicles are concerned, 99-02 Grand Vitaras and XL7s are not reprogrammable. You have to buy the whole module with remotes, and they are not cheap. Once you replace the module, you can program just remotes to the vehicle. In 03 they made the modules reprogrammable so you can program up to I thikn 4 remotes to one vehicle. The middle remote you picture, I have some junk ones we've warrantied, but I don't know what they came off of.

Anyways, where do you live now??? Schaumburg Honda is getting a new building. I've never been there, but I've heard it's pretty small compared to the volume of cars they sell. I've been working for Rohrman since Sept. 02. Been parts manager since April 03. We've got a huge building on the eastside of Indianapolis we just moved into. Rohrman bought it from UAC, used to be called Circle City Suzuki, but UAC lost tons of money and Rohrman bought it. Moved Hyundai over here in Oct because the building was too big just for Suzuki. If we pack em in tight, we can fit close to 200 cars in the showroom. They usually keep about 130 in there now. 12 service bays, 3 detailing bays, automatic carwash. Had some engineers from Hyundai in here few months ago, said this is the nicest Hyundai dealership they had been in.

John Nance, Parts Manager
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