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Re: 2001 Isuzu Trooper Transmission NIGHTMARE "Thread 2"

"Would the real auto mechanic please stand up, please stand up, please stand up" (sing it like Eminem to get the full effect)

You're not going to believe this sh*t!!!


This has been the most exciting experience of my life (insert sarcasm)
SO...after the one place says that they can't test the PCM Module. I drive my computer to an Isuzu dealership here in Dallas called Clay Cooley Isuzu (this place is like a coupon booth in the middle of the fair ground...SUCKS!)...spoke with Mr. Powers. My fiance calls and talks to him...she asks specifically, "Can you test the PCM Module?" He responds..."Yes". She clarifies, "Can you test the PCM Module without the car being there....just the module?" He says, "Yes we can do that."

So she tells me, and well...she's a woman...I'm sure she didn't ask the right questions. So I call up there...asked the same questions...he sarcastically said, "Yes we can test the PCM Module for this vehicle WITHOUT the car...we have the adapter that can test the module alone." SCORE! So My dad does me a huge favor and wakes up at 5am to get to the Isuzu shop on the other side of the metroplex. It's about 35 miles from where I live. My dad gets there....and they say, "We need the car to test the module." Keep in mind this is after I scheduled it a week in advance. SON OF A B*TCH!

So we're off to the electronics specialists again and they help me locate another dealership. Finally we call Fazeli Isuzu in Dallas....they can test it...but the car has to be with it. Screw it...I'll do whatever. It'll have to be another week before they can get it in. and my effing rental cars are getting tight now, anyhow. Fazeli tests it yesterday. "Sir...there's nothing wrong with your electrical system. Your PCM Module is fine, and your wiring harness is fine. Your computer is spitting out TRANSMISSION SHIFTING CODES FOR GEARS 1 to 2 and 2 to 3!!!!!"


"Yes sir...your electrical is fine...your transmission is the issue."

So I call the transmission shop again, and tell him I have verified PROOF that it's not an electrical issue. He acted like he didn't know why that would be happening.

To make a long story short...he got the car today. He's attempting to fix it again...and's war. If he effs it up, I'm going after them for lost wages, rental cars, and electronic diagnostic fees. This is getting flat out DUMB!!!!

That's the latest as of today.
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