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Re: 2001 Isuzu Trooper Transmission NIGHTMARE "Thread 2"

Originally Posted by Another_Drummer
Hey man,

Thanks for the reply!

The fluttering is gone, and the shaking is gone as well. I called an Electronics Specialist in Plano, TX that said he may know what's wrong with it, since they get this same issue in a lot of Chevy's. Some kind of sensor within the electrical system. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping he can find it. If he does, then I may consider keeping this Trooper and start doing some fix-ups. It's been great, except for this tranny issue. Well, and going out of alignment really easily too.

Thanks for your response(s). I'll post back and let you know what the specialist says about the electric. At this point, it just seems more like process of elimination and narrowing it down.
hey Another... you still around ? what ever happened with this? was the guy right about it being "some kind of sensor ...."?

1992 trooper 3.2L v6 sohc is

i love a good intermittent electrical challenge. . .especially when it's someone else's.
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