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Re: 2001 Isuzu Trooper Transmission NIGHTMARE "Thread 2"

So they worked on it some more and test drove it...the same issues occur. Now they're telling me that it's an electrical issue between the alternator and the transmission, quite possible the wiring harness, and that I need to take it to an electronics specialist.
well maybe that is what you are going to have to do, or continue to somehow diagnose things. actually the last guys are on the right track because the symptoms indicate that you are going into limp mode or backup mode which the trans computer does to protect itself from especially electrical abnormalities which most often can be traced to the charging system especially the alternator, but also wiring.
Here's what happens. When I try to start driving in takes a while for the car to even do anything, and acts like it's in neutral. After aggressive acceleration, it finally kicks in. However, when I do it manually from L, it works just fine. Manually shifting has a hesitation when shifting into 2. 3 and D work fine. Once I'm in D, the car works great. When I slow down to turn the downshift is fine, and once I start accelerating again, it seems to be fine. Just starting off in D, and the hesitation from L to 2. Also, I tried to start off in 2 to see what does the same thing as if I were starting off in D from a stand still.
all this is the limp or backup mode thing. it's not that you are in neutral, it is that it is trying to start off in 3 third. in limp mode, you should manually shift and it goes like this

gear selected: D 4 equals (Fourth)
Manual 3 4 = (Fourth)
Manual 2 3 = (Third)
Manual L 1 = (First)
R Reverse

so that part is working correctly. and since it is, it more than likely indicates that the hydraulic stuff is working ok, but the problem is the electrical/electronics.

and after *definitely* making sure the charging system components are functioning as they shoud and that the alternator is spitting out volts >9v and <16, the next logical step is to look at the wiring, and that will require measurements at the pcm etc.

i'm not sure whether an 'electrical specialist' will do this for you or not. but it is labor intensive so $ intensive too. i guess call around and make a judgment as to their competence.

the only thing is, is that 'flutter' symptom still current?

1992 trooper 3.2L v6 sohc is

i love a good intermittent electrical challenge. . .especially when it's someone else's.

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