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Re: 2001 Isuzu Trooper Transmission NIGHTMARE "Thread 2"

Thanks man! I just typed it all out, and submitted it, and the website cleared the whole thing. Now I need to try again.

Ok. The transmission was doing so fluttering a few years back and making what seemed to be a circular-type grinding (it would make the noise between 35 and 45 mph....would do it about every 5 seconds between those gears). And beyond that, it would shake an rattle my dashboard going into overdrive. I took it to a transmission shop and they said that it was a wonder how the car was even driving. So they 'fixed' after a week. It was working great after that for a while, then I started hearing that noise again, and started to feel the fluttering a few months later again. I took it back, and they overhauled it again, taking 3 weeks to do it. After fighting with them fist and foot, they decided to fix it for me, and keep it off the books since I had to pay so much for a rental car. Since it was off the books, there was no paperwork given, no records....and you can see where this is going....they had "no memory" of it when I started having the same issues again.

So i took it to ANOTHER shop. He said that the magnet looked like a Chia Pet, there was so much metal. So they redid the entire transmission, keeping only the metal casing as original. They changed sensors, solenoids (which they said wasn't replaced the first time), and everything. Everything inside the transmission is new. I drove it off and it worked great! That night, I was driving it very conservatively, and it happened again. It started to putter as if it was trying to die. So I took it back to that shop and they pulled the transmission again. Nothing was wrong. They did test after test and could find nothing wrong with the transmission. They did an electric test and replaced solenoids, sensors, and said that the electrical was spiking, so they thought it may be the alternator. Before they were going to do that, they put in a new battery and said that the electric surge had subsided and was normal again...not the alternator. So they worked on it some more and test drove it...the same issues occur. Now they're telling me that it's an electrical issue between the alternator and the transmission, quite possible the wiring harness, and that I need to take it to an electronics specialist.

Here's what happens. When I try to start driving in takes a while for the car to even do anything, and acts like it's in neutral. After aggressive acceleration, it finally kicks in. However, when I do it manually from L, it works just fine. Manually shifting has a hesitation when shifting into 2. 3 and D work fine. Once I'm in D, the car works great. When I slow down to turn the downshift is fine, and once I start accelerating again, it seems to be fine. Just starting off in D, and the hesitation from L to 2. Also, I tried to start off in 2 to see what does the same thing as if I were starting off in D from a stand still.

Does this make any sense at all?
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