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Re: FE1 or FE2 suspension?

Originally Posted by gmtech1 View Post
Yes, I should be able to get the complete set of RPO codes for you. Don't worry about the PayPal thing, it's no big deal. Happy to help!
Cool, thanks a lot! I've got access to IdentiFix, if you ever run into a bang your head against the wall problem, PM me and I'll look it up for you to pay you back, if you don't have IdentiFix yourself. I've not been on here much in the last few years, but I get an e-mail if I get a PM.

Originally Posted by carrfixr View Post
The bushings are different I think that is all as the ball joint is the same
Your plan sounds like a plan
The arms I got that were wrong bolted on just fine, it wasn't until I had it on the alignment rack that I knew something was off. I know I can get them on, I just hope the FE2 are the longer ones! It would make sense that they are longer, so they're probably shorter
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