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Re: FE1 or FE2 suspension?

Well, I had a brilliant idea today while I was working on the exhaust. I saw a bit of blue out of the corner of my eye, and sure enough, the part number tag was still on the sway bar and readable, I looked that up and it shows for FE1 suspension.

Now, I need to know if the FE2 fits in its place. I assume FE2 has stiffer bushings, or they shouldn't affect the ride. I'm not going through the hassle of swapping my polyurethane bushings into new control arms and I shouldn't spend money on a new set right now, so I want the stiffer ones, if that's even a difference. I'm 99% sure that one is slightly longer than the other, the mounting points all matched up on those "wrong" arms I got years back, just the camber was so far off I couldn't get it into spec. If the FE2 is longer, no problem, I've got the camber on mine at -1.5 using cam bolts. I can pull those out and replace them with the original bolts, and hopefully the longer arm puts me about where I am now... if not, I reinstall the cam bolts the other way. If the FE2 is shorter, it will not work. If nobody knows for sure, maybe I'll just order one and see.

carfixr, thanks for looking that up for me, but I've had terrible luck talking to customer support, usually they just give up after leaving me on hold for half an hour and tell me it will work, then it doesn't, and I'm stuck with return shipping or a part I'll never use. I've had much better luck with anonymous internet users than customer support.

gmtech1, are you able/willing to look up all the RPO codes? I've got the car at my shop right now and I'll have to get the VIN off the car, I seem to have misplaced my insurance card for it. I'll paypal you a couple dollars for taking the time if you can get me the complete list.
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