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Re: Which is Best Manual Transmission Fluid ?

Whilst in Schuck's this morning buying a Bosch O2 Sensor, I bought
three quarts of Valvoline Durablend SAE 80W-90 Gear Oil.

$6.00 per quart. "Synthetic Blend" - API services GL-5, MT-1

Now - everyone tell me I made a Bad Choice.....

It is a synthetic, not all that expensive, and a 'name brand.'

Now if the weather here in Spokane will abate for a while, I will
endeavor to change my gear oil.


PS - when I bought this '93 Metro, someone had put a turned metal
gearshift knob on the shift lever. 'Bout froze my hand to it when it
got down to 6 F !!!

So I went to a crafts store and bought a 4 inch wood ball, waxed it,
drilled it out and hotmelt glued it to the shift lever.

Works Fantastic! Fits my hand nicely, isn't as cold as a
witch's boob on Halloween, and looks 'neat!' Tubular! Knarlie!
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