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Re: Re: Which is Best Manual Transmission Fluid ?

Originally Posted by DieInterim
Use what the manual recommends.
For me, I use clean, fresh, standard gear oil. Heavier in warmer climates, lighter in colder. (Mine is stubborn when its cold; I drive one block in 1st gear and its all ready to go.)

OK.....what you say makes sense.

The Chilton Manual says, "When adding fluid or refilling the manual
transaxle always use GL-5, 80W or 80W-90 weight gear oil."

Any brand better than another?

Is GM Syncromesh gear oil a specifically better oil?

My transmission works well, even at 7 F after a while.
Makes whining noises when really cold until it warms up.
I just start the engine with the clutch in, hold the clutch
in until the engine warms a bit (60 seconds) and slowly
let the clutch out. Nearly kills the idle, but eventually
it warms the transmission enough to not be noticable.

In the summer - works fine.

I just want to MAKE SURE the gear oil is OK. Bought the
car used at 145,000 and don't KNOW if the trans oil was
ever changed. Ever!

Manual Transmission lube shouldn't degrade tho, should it?

Only thing is, if never changed EVER, may have some metal
chips in it from the Factory....

Again - best brand? Other opinions?


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