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passenger side rear window problem

ok this problem has been going on for quite some time but I never thought to ask about it. in the summer here in texas it gets pretty damn hot, the passenger side rear window on the rear passenger door will not roll down when it is hot during the summer. this isn't good being that I have 2 young children and I need to roll the windows down when I crank the car prior to putting them in there. In te winter and spring the window will roll up and down like there is nothing wrong, none of the other windows have this problem like this during the summer. It just struck me as kind of odd.

I also was wondering if anyone had any trouble with the belts squeeling on their xb, mine have been sqeeking since about 15k miles and now it is at 53k miles. I am going to stick it in for a service here soon to have the belts replaced, i just thought it was kind of weird that after such a short time that belts had started to act a fool.

thank you guys for your time
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