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Re: Reji model

Originally Posted by TvD View Post
Technically the P2000 body was wider as well. Don't know if this transkit has that as well though.

Studio27 used to have a transkit containing just parts for the hood, rear wing, bumper and underside but that is long out of production (I seem to have the last available one in the world though ). I had resin copies of this TK made and built a Possum Bourne Impreza with it:

Actually there was no difference in body width between the wrc99 & the P2000. The rego were still locked at this point. The P2000 which debuted after Portugal was an interim homologation which contained all the electronics of the 4 door WRC01, wrapped up in the wrc99 bodyshell. Prodrive had already experimented with fly-by-wire throttle & semi-auto gearchange on the 99 model on selected tarmac rallies - all features which were standard on the P2000 forward cars. Externally the only changes were the bonnet scoops to cope with different cooling group arrangement & the rear wing.
The wider body for WRC wasn't written into homologation until 2005. Prodrive took advantage of this change from 1770mm to 1800mm body width at the Mexico rally.
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