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Re: Advice for First Restoration

Ho Zagone,
Well I started my first restoration when I was 22. Somewhat recklessly I bought what looked quite a tidy E type Jaguar needing what appeared to be light restoration. It actually passed an MOT with only basic mechanical work to the brakes and suspension.
After a few months driving the car and going to various Jaguar meets it became clear that it could be made a lot better with further work, that further work revealed a massive amount of filler and many new panels welded in. Some 4 years latter and it was getting very admiring looks from the seasoned owners.
My advice is get something you really want to own otherwise you wont have the drive to see it through. Be prepared to learn many new skills ideally find a college that runs restoration classes or get taught by people skilled in various fields. Always aim for the best possible finish and standard that you can achieve.
yes it is difficult, yes it's frustrating, yes it's expensive, yes it puts a strain on your social life.
But my god the end result it what makes it worth it all.
Good luck and I mean that truly it's a great hobby.
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