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1971 Plymouth Fury II Carburetor Issues

Hello everyone, I recently bought this Plymouth Fury II with a couple issues. Most of which was very hard idling and and upon accelerator engine would die out. Both of these issues were diagnosed to be direct results of a faulty carburetor. Being a beginner mechanic I decided I would take it upon myself to rebuild it as my first act as a mechanic. The process went smooth, everything was cleaned, reassembled correctly, new gaskets, and installed. I was able to get the car back running again but now I have another problem. The choke plate does not seem to be functioning as it should anymore. In other words it only moves when I reach in there and move it myself, and it stays where I leave it. The rods on both sides of the choke are correctly connected to it, but nothing is acting upon those rods. It's difficult to explain so I'll include pictures. But it just seems like there supposed to be some sort of pressure being applied to the plate to keep it open/closed so the carburetor works correctly.
If you have any questions on my explanation please comment and help me with this situation I've had this car sitting in my driveway for way to long now.
The item circled in the first 2 pictures moves freely via gravity. Nothing is acting upon it. It looks just as it did when I took it off so I am hoping someone knows what happened.
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