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America's S7 Supercar...the end of an era!

It would appear that Saleen has ended production of the S7. The Saleen management told me when I was with them to do the Car and Driver 0 to 200 mph to 0 event that they would end production in 2007. They would be unable to meet the government's crash requirement for 2008.

It would have cost them 5 million dollars and destroying several S7 with no guaranties that they could pass their requirements. If they didn't pass they would have to send another 5 million again and destroy several more S7 will still no guaranties they would pass again.

There is approximately about 78 or more S7 in the world today, part of those are race cars that never see the road.

The Saleen S7 is pure automotive sex, Steve Saleen was responsible for making one of the most glorious cars in the world.

I went to a Farrari car show where a S7 was on display with the Farraris, there was constantly more people around and more pictures taken of the S7 than the Enzo. The Farraris are certainly one of the world finest cars, but the public was more impressed with the Saleen S7.

It will be difficult or nearly impossible in the future to build an low production Supercar and meet the government regulations because of the insanely expensive costs.

If you own one are in one of the most exclusive Supercar ownerships in the world!

So what does that mean... the current S7's should sky rocket in price.

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