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Re: 00 sonomia 4x4 broken in the the front

ah ok but still kinda confused... i did watch video least i know what i gotta take apart to get it out... so that coloar does the transfer... now that one shaft is always spinning then. is that not associalted to the driver side wheel...
like i was saying if the front shaft spinning when in 4x4 that driver side should be engaged no matter what right? the sliding color only engages the right side as that shaft spinning and u slide it over...

if i wrong then i need a better video that explains
as i thinking the gears are broken that the front drive shaft powers those gears as it should automatically power the left wheel as it turns no matter if the fork is engaged or not..
least that's how i think it should work
it will have to be after new years when i can take it apart then or test that fork thing
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