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Re: Want more power and clean air?

Originally Posted by Airjer_ View Post
So your running an engine on gasoline vapor..............(insert crickets chirping).............? I hate to break it to you but the internal combustion engine already runs on fuel vapor. They don't run so well on liquid fuel (this would be a condition known as a flooded engine). With fuel injection the fuel is sprayed in a fine mist (atomized) onto the intake valve. When the valve is hot it will help vaporize the fuel.

I guess I'm not quite sure what you think you discovered?
Your right the combustion engine runs on the vapor the liquid gasoline can produce, well not all is vapor, you see the liquid gasoline system waste almost half of what enters the engine. Expansion and contraction come into play here. Without enough area, or volume the gasoline liquid cannot expand into a vapor, so only a portion will become vapor and burn, liquid gasoline doesn't burn. This vapor is clear wavy line type of vapor.
Try it heat liquid gasoline up to the temperature the engine runs at and check out the vapor. My vapor is white, try turning your clear vapor white, do it and you will know my secret, and you will see the difference, in power and emittions, the white vapor gives. Need anything else, I have done this, and I am welcoming skeptics.
I forgot to mention the white color is oxygen I have induced into the vapor, which insures a complete burn, now I can control the amount of oxygen I induce, so who knows how far the power factor of the combustion engine can be taken, just need the right audience to get it out there. Also get positive results on emissions, just don't know how good, need right audience.

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