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Re: Excessive Oil Consumption

Originally Posted by BlazerLT

Thats more than average oil being consumed.

No blue smoke rules out the valve seals.

What oil filter do you use?
I use the A/C-Delco PF52 filter without exception every time.

Also, just to clarify a point. I need to get out there at night with a bright flash light and look for Bluish white smoke . But I don't want to be misleading and say there is none, what I am trying to say is, for as much oil that I seem to be loosing, I should be driving in a freeking bluish/white cloud visible from a 1/2 mile away at high noon. But this is not the case.

I had another thought (last night while this thing kept me awake). This I will have to check this evening when I get home from work (and try to corral the kid for 20 minutes) is there any difference between the PCV valve on the driver's side valve cover and the Intake valve that is on the passenger's side valve cover? There simply has to be. The PCV valve is a pressure relief valve, right? When I changed the PCV valve approx. 6-7 months ago, I noticed the 2 parts do look alike. If a PCV valve were installed where the intake valve is supposed to be, wouldn't there be a drastic reduction of fresh air causing the PCV valve to suck out only the blow by air etc. and possibly more than average oil too? I think I'm thinking right, right? It at least bears a look.
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