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Re: Excessive Oil Consumption

Originally Posted by BlazerLT
1.) Replace your PCV valve.

2.) Search for PCV catchcan in this forum. I wrote an article on it. Works awesome.

3.) Add only 5.0quarts when you change the filter and the oil, DO NOT FILL TO THE TOP OF THE DIPSTICK AND GO OVER 5.0 QUARTS. The engine might be just trying to get the excessive oil out of the system.
BLT, Thanks for the reply. I did replace the PCV Strangely enough around the time I started noticing this problem. I found your thread on the catch can, and read the whole thing, (not a bad read either! Pretty darn ingenious too.) I never add more than 5.0 quarts at oil change.

One of the things that I don't quite understand (from your thread) is why the Catch-can collects so much at first then slows down or stops collecting gunk.

If I may taylor this to my own specific need, My problem (consuming approx. 1 qt to 1 1/2 qts. every 1000 miles) is trying to keep the oil in the crankcase. This is my daughter's Truck, and I get to do the Maintenance. Wouldn't one of those PCV valves with the smaller hole tend to keep the oil in the crankcase? Any info on those PCV valves? Do they adversely affect anything? I can appreciate the Catch-can keeping the oil from burning in the engine, but I'm trying to keep it in the engine, meaning if it is getting past the PCV valve, it is too late.

I've got a hard time believing that I'm loosing that much oil through the PCV valve. As I stated earlier in this thread, the driveway is clean (no leaks) and no bluish/white clouds. I realize, or at least I think that I might have some beginnings of a major issue with this engine and that I'm just buying time.

Your thoughts?

Thanks - Rick
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