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Re: Excessive Oil Consumption

Originally Posted by old_master
How many miles would one month encompass for you? And as for the Lucas; there once was a time when the auto parts stores couldn't keep it on the shelf. As of recent though, there have been several independent laboratory studies and the results have not been the greatest. As for me... Mobil One full synthetic and a Purolator Pure One filter every 4,000 miles. With 140,000 miles on a 98 Blazer, I drain out 4.5 quarts at every oil change. I'm happy with those results... why change?
As a rough Guesstimate, 1 month is approx. 1000 miles. This is actually my Daughter's truck so I'll try to get a better idea on the milage.

I read on this Forum that you should not use Synthetic oil if you have a leak, but I wasn't sure if the engine is burning it. You said you use Mobil 1, would you suggest I use the 5W-30 or the 10W-30? Does it come in 10W-40? I use the Mobil 1 5W-30 in my 2000 Jimmy 4.3L, and I like it. I do not have a problem in the Jimmy, as I also drain 4.5 quarts at oil change.

I guess my big question is would be, would synthetic oil be better in an excessive oil consuption issue?

I am too afraid to use the Lucas additive. There are too many bad posts on this Forum about burning up engines. There is a good link somewhere in one of those posts that shows how the stuff works. But as you said, in the end, it appeared to be a Fad that was disproven.
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