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Excessive Oil Consumption

I have a 2001 S-10 4.3L 4x4 4-Door with 83,000 original miles. For the past 8 months or so, I have noticed excessive oil consumption. I believe I read some where that 1 quart of oil every 3 months or so is "Normal" for these engines. But I'm adding 1 quart per month. It is not leaking, nor do I see any clouds of bluish-white smoke.

I use Castroil 5W-30 in this truck. I suspect the usual things like Valve guide seals.

I added some stuff called Lucas Oil Stabilizer, but then did a search on this forum to find out that this stuff has caused engine failures, but the one oil change that I did use it, it did seem to cut down on the consumption. But I am a little leary about continuing to use it because of the bad reviews.

Has anyone had similar experiences? Would synthetic be better? I know going to a little thicker oil (Maybe 10W-40) would probably help, but I'd like a little guidance.

Throw me a rope here, you guys are the best.

Thanks - Rick
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