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Re: I have 2 questions about my 1989 Ford Bronco II...

I just joined as a member and can't seem to figure out how to make a new post but I just bought a 1988 Bronco II. Drove it home yesterday, ran rough from sitting and had gage problems to include the temp gauge showing it was over heating.
Today, I decided to start some routine maintenance including putting a new thermostat in it and changing the spark plugs and wires. Though I didn't verify the gap with a gage I compared old to new and gap appeared fine, now the vehicle doesn't start. I rechecked all spark plug wires for fit, location on distributor etc. and still no start, like it's not getting fuel or not firing correct. The old plugs also appeared to be dry but as I said the vehicle had started both yesterday and this morning.
I'm guessing it's something simple but not sure what? Any help would be appreciated.
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