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Re: 96 Wagon Code P0300, running rich

Pulled out my old ELM327. Tonight I replace the front O2 sensor on the driver side, however it is unclear at this point if that helped or not as the service engine soon light is still blinking and giving code P0 300.

Here is the sensor data:
Timing advance -16
Intake manifold vacuum: 10 inHg
MAF sensor air flow rate: 0.9 lb/min
Short term fuel trim bank one +0.8%
Long term fuel trim bank one +11.7%
Short term fuel trim bank 2. -0.8%
Long term fuel trim bank 2. +3.9%
Intake air temperature 107
Coolant temperature 206

02 sensor one bank 1. .26 V
02 sensor one bank 2. 0.26 V

Should IAT temperature be that high on a 35 night? ( edit: the intake manifold plumbing was pretty warm when I shut off the engine and inspected)

Is 10 inches low for an idle vacuum reading?
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