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Originally posted by YJHeD
How about the Cadillac Cien? You gotta love it. Monster horsepower, great looks, and the best technology. Shutting down half it's cylinders to save gas, it's a great concept. Do you find that in a Lamorghini or McLaren? Nope, you just pay the hefty price tag for the name. Argue if you want, but I will destroy you in every argument you can through at me.
Actually Mercedes Benz invented that several years ago .. destroy that! i love it when you brag about being right about something and then you get shown up to be wrong.... fantastic

Originally posted by YJHeD

Crazyjay: Was that a joke about Americans being fat? I'm sure all you Englishmen are in great shape. England is a wannabe America, you know it but don't want to admit it. Now save your money and buy some braces for your teeth. Teeth are supposed to point up and down, not left and right.
No, not all Englishmen are fat, and neither are all Americans. However im sure if you look into it you will find that America has the highest proportion of obese people in the world. 1 in 5 or something, or even worse. in america its all about excess. you order one breakfast and you get two, on one big plate. thats just the way it is over there. and if youre happy with it, thats cool.

No, england is not a wannabe america. There's an English culture and english history that America simply cannot come close to.... english people dont like americans much, thats a fact. they like america but dont like americans. it doesnt sound like it makes sense but believe me thats how it works.

and whats this talk about teeth? mine are perfect.. now stop taking your frustration out on me, please. thank you
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