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Jimmy: You seem to have a lot of time on your hands. All your arguments have to do with how well your European cars are built. But lets compare some prices. You pay about twice as much for your great European cars as you do for American cars. How can you compare that? Comparing a Maserati to a stock Corvette? C'mon. How about comparing a Maserati to a Lingingfelter Corvette? I believe the Corvette would wipe the floor with your Italian beauty. Hell, that Corvette would wipe the floor with almost any European piece you could through at it. And yes, I'd rather drive a Lincoln LS than a BMW because the Lincoln has good old American muscle behind it. You Europeans don't know the feeling of TORQUE!!!!!!!!! All your cars make horsepower but no torque. Have you ever driven a Lincoln? It's a great car for the money. Europeans cars are over-priced and underpowered, PERIOD!!!!! You can't argue that, name a European car and I'll match it with an American that will have twice the power and cost half as much. How about the Cadillac Cien? You gotta love it. Monster horsepower, great looks, and the best technology. Shutting down half it's cylinders to save gas, it's a great concept. Do you find that in a Lamorghini or McLaren? Nope, you just pay the hefty price tag for the name. Argue if you want, but I will destroy you in every argument you can through at me. You're a typical European who can criticize all he wants but can't explain how the internal cumbstion engine works, let alone how anit-lock brakes work. Now go have some pasta and stop acting like you know everything.

Crazyjay: Was that a joke about Americans being fat? I'm sure all you Englishmen are in great shape. England is a wannabe America, you know it but don't want to admit it. Now save your money and buy some braces for your teeth. Teeth are supposed to point up and down, not left and right.

Moppie: Are you telling on CoperHead? You must be the tough guy in the room. Telling on everybody that offends you. I think you should go back to elementry school buddy and grow some balls.
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