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Originally posted by Jimmy_11_cars
the European ones do but the US market ones (The only variation of the recent Accord that I have driven) are soggy in thier handling and chassis. Great engines though
Well im not surprised to hear that at all!

Honda probably sent them the good version of the Accord first, but a fat American complained that the suspension was too hard and sporty for his liking. he tried to gain more weight to make the bumps easier to cushion for his ass, but the feedback from the chassis was intensified by his flubber and actually made it worse. He proceeded to sue Honda, for causing great pain and emotional distress to his ass. The trial went to the Supreme Court, and the fat man was awarded eight-hundred-million us dollars and forty-five cents - only. Honda then took back all the european spec hondas, detuned the chassis and sent them back to America. They lived happily ever after.
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