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Re: $99 down, $99 a good to be true?

Originally Posted by rdeckert
I'm a dumbass, which is why I didn't understand the part about paying for the scores. I'm thinking that I thought you meant $5.95 for all three and something like just one of them was free. Excuse my incompetence.
No problem, I suspected there might have been a miscommunication. Before I buy something , I thoroughly research it to get the best, ( aka cheapest price to pay ) As of October 2008 when I looked into the "best deal" for all 3 scores online. I found that if you got your free reports from the site I listed, the best price for your scores was by paying for them ala carte from each of the reporting agencies' sites. I looked at the "bundled packages" available but couldn't beat the price by going to each of the 3 sites and paying for the individual score at the time of obtaining my free report.
I just got through reading, "Living rich by spending smart : how to get more of what you really want" by Gregory Karp. In that book he states that signing up for those credit monitoring services, especially those that are offered by your credit card companies are a big waste of money, with many charging upwards of $12.99/mo. He said it is cheaper to check your report and score by yourself a few times a year and pay for it at that time. Besides, most of the time these services "catch" something, it has already happened and the damage is already done.
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