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Re: Hydrogen inside Air Intake increases Gas Mileage?

hydrogen DOES have alot of energy. but the main problem with your theory is that the product of hydrogen combustion is water. so you take water, extract hydrogen, burn the hydrogen and end up with water. even in a 100% efficient process (which electrolysis is NOT) you would end up with 0 energy gained, 0 lost. that means that in order to make a system that works, you need to develop a machine that would be able to make this process more than 100% efficient, meaning you're getting more energy out than you put in, meaning you've just created perpetual motion.

using hydrogen to power cars, IMO, is a terrible idea until we find a way to extract it efficiently. electrolysis won't work because we might as well be using electric cars because they'll be more efficient (less energy lost from the generators to the cars). so i think people need to forget this whole thing until someone finds some technology that makes it better than electric, which'll be damn hard to do.
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