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Re: 2006 Monte Carlo

Character? HUH don't kid yourself, it's a plasticky, bland looking rolling turd, if you want character then look at an Alfa, a Jaguar or a Lanica, this car is simply Americas Camry, the end. I'd also have to say that I can find plenty of cars that look better than the Monte Carlo, given it's price (About $30,000 I'd guess): Ford Five Hundred, Mazda RX8, Dodge Magnum, Volkswagen Passat, Nissan Altima, Subaru Legacy to name a few, all these cars hit the Monte Carlo for six in the visual department.

Secondly, you showed a Monte Carlo SS alongside a Commodore Executive, you DO know that the Executive is the utmost base spec Commodore, do you not? Aka the one that the police/taxi drivers go for.

Here is a Commodore SS for proper comaprisons sake
I think that it goes without saying that Holden wins the rear end view comparison comfortably as well, it's also a no-brainer that the Holden is going to offer a better performance and handling package.

I'll admit I haven't been to the US for nigh on a year now, but I have extensively driven a Cadillac CTS and found the cheapness of the plastics to be somewhat mortifying, given that it costs more over here than a 3 series or an A4 (Though at least the CTS' interior fitted properly, unlike that Monte Carlo), I'm taking it that this is one of the "new GM's" in fact it was only a small step forward over previous efforts in the interior quality stakes.

Handling? Given GM's previous FWD efforts, I really do not hold any hope for the Monte Carlo with a V8 shoehorned in it, the fact is the car should have been Rear Wheel Drive, it wasn't, dumb move.
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