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Re: Machining Discussion-Lathes, Mills, CNC.

Originally Posted by MPWR
However, you must buy the right machine- and it almost goes without saying that if it comes from Harbour Fright, it is the wrong machine. Everything I have ever heard regarding their machine tools is to avoid them like the plague- they are worth no consideration at all. On the other hand, it can be a decent place to pick up a bench grinder or a stock cutting bandsaw- both of which you will likely need.
Don't know where you got that MISS-INFORMATION from, seems that you have NEVER personally taken a good look at what is being sold there.

So you have bought a Sherline, an aluminium piece of over-priced, undersized, over-rated, super-hyped up junk and it's still a TOY.

If you had a decent look at a Mini-Mill from Harbour Frite, you would find that it is at least made from CAST IRON, has a far greater work envelope, tooling is available quite readily and the price is a fraction of what you paid for that TOY.
So, anybody who is interested in buying a mill or a lathe for modelling, don't be put off by persons saying that the Chinese stuff is CRAP, go and have a look for yourself and you can then decide if you want a Mini-mill or a toy sherline/taig, unimat or whatever.

The choice is yours.

The reason that I state this, is because I bought a Unimat 3 about twenty year ago, this is what Sherline tried to beat, by bringing out a machine that was CHEAPER to make than a Uni 3, how, by making it from aluminium, where-as the Uni 3 is at least cast iron. I struggled along with this combination machine for years and eventually had to buy a bigger stand alone lathe. Then, another mill was in order, had a good look around and came across these Chinese Mini-mills, value for dollar they could not be beaten and I've been happy with these larger machines for years now.
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